The Wilkinsburg Chamber Works for Businesses

The Wilkinsburg Chamber Works for Businesses

The Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce and The Mansmann Foundation have come together to create business workshops that can help elevate your business to the next level. The Mansmann Foundation is a nonprofit organization; created to assist small business owners in growing their businesses in communities seeking economic revitalization.

Through collaborative programs like the Peer-to-Peer Small Business Mentoring and One-on-One Business Counseling, business owners will be able to receive the knowledge, support and motivation needed to solve everyday small business problems and grow their enterprises.

We will address topics like branding, social media, legal matters and other topics that you can utilize to expand your business management skills. Visit our website to see our upcoming workshops. All of these events will be held at the Abator Building located at 615 South Avenue in Wilkinsburg.

Find out more about The Mansmann Foundation, and check out the schedules at:

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