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Membership Levels                                                        Annual Dues

Resident                                                                                  $40
Church                                                                                     $75
Tier I:     Yearly gross sales under $1 Million                     $100/ ($75.00 for nonprofits)
Tier II:    Yearly gross sales under $1- 2.99 Million           $200/ ($150 for nonprofits)
Tier III:   Yearly gross sales of $3 – 4.99 Million                 $500/ ($375 for nonprofits)
Tier IIII:  Yearly gross sales exceeding $5 Million              $1000/ ($750 for nonprofits)


Wilkinsburg Chamber Membership Levels


Member dues are billed annually in January and prorated accordingly to new members who join thereafter.

Check or credit card payments will be accepted.

Please make checks payable to: Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce Mailing address: 900 Wood Street Wilkinsburg, PA 15221.

To receive more information, please call: (412) 242-0234, or email info@wilkinsburgchamber.com.